Since 2006, the event has promoted over one hundred MMA events, including some international fighters; however, we are starting to take SBC to another level.

The SBC mission is to send Brazilian fighters to big shows like the UFC and other World-class organizations, regardless of their nationalities. The route former UFC Champions like Jose Aldo, Renan Barao, Rafael dos Anjos & Glover Teixeira took. They competed at Shooto Brasil before they joined the UFC and eventually became UFC Champions, plus over seventy fighters.

Haverá oito eventos em 2023, utilizando todas as treze divisões ao longo do ano, oito categorias masculinas e cinco categorias de peso femininas. Haverá treze lutas pelo título SBC e uma luta pelo título SBC WORLD em 2023.

The SBC WORLD Title is between an SBC Champion versus another organization's champion. They keep their belts; however, only one can have the SBC WORLD Title Belt.